International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials


Central California Chapter

October 16, 2008


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 PM on Thursday October 16, 2008 at The Waterfront Restaurant in Redwood City by Sarah Aguilar, Chapter Chairperson of the Central California Chapter of IAPMO.



Self introductions followed and there were 19 attendees. Chapter Officers present were Sarah Aguilar Chairperson, Nathan Vasquez - Vice Chair, Don Wadsworth Treasurer, and Mo Salberg Secretary.


Old Business

Don Wadsworth gave the treasury report and it was approved unanimously.

Suggestions for guest speakers are welcome. Contact any of the board members with your requests.


Nathan gave a report on the Installation Dinner and room reservations must be made by the 7th of December to get the reduced rate of $89.00. The band, Full Throttle, will play and a 10 seat table is $700.00.


New Business

Nominations for the CCIAPMO Board will be accepted at the next meeting in November.


Sarah Aguilar passed around the legal documents in which Governor Schwartzeneger signed into law the use of the UPC and UMC on September 30, 2008.



Steve Silber raised questions about the IRC and Phil Ribbs provided explanations. Sarah Aguilar reported on the IAPMO Conference and how well our Chapter was represented with 16 members attending. Bob Adler, Phil Ribbs and Marty Cooper commented on the voting process.


Steve Silber, Phil Ribbs, Dave Diaz and Marty Cooper discussed the birth of the Green Code and the permitting process for AC Units, Water Heaters, and Furnaces.



At 12:45 PM Jill Manetas, Firestop Specialist for 3M Fire Protection Products, gave a 55 minute presentation on Fire Barrier Wrap for grease ducts. Thank you Jill for a very informative presentation on a very important subject.



At 1:44 PM Chairperson Aguilar announced the next meeting will be on at Rickys in San Leandro on November 20, 2008 at 11:30 AM.


Dwight Perkins and Ron Rice will be attending our Officers Installation Dinner on January 17, 2009.



At 1:45 PM a raffle was held and Andre Oustinov walked away the big winner.


Chapter contributions were provided by Steve Silber with Local 342, Sarah Aguilar with Southland Industries, Mo Salberg with KDS plumbing and Phil Ribbs of PHR Consultants.



Chapter Chairperson Sarah Aguilar adjourned the meeting at 1:46 PM.



Mo Salberg, Chapter Secretary


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