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Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:03PM on Thursday March 16, 2006 at Ricky’s Restaurant in San Leandro, CA. by Martin Cooper, Chairman of the Central California Chapter of IAPMO.


There were 26 attendees. Self-introductions were conducted. Dan Shea welcomed all, including new attendees. Martin Cooper thanked UA Local 342 for sponsoring today’s meeting.

Chapter Officers Present were: David Ledda and Martin Cooper.

Committee Reports

Treasury Report - was presented and discussed. Thank you to Sarah Aguilar for her continuing work. Mr. Bob Adler, Building Inspector City of San Jose, reported on Technical Committee meeting in Phoenix AZ. Among the items to be discussed will be review of newly proposed TIA’s IAPMO will offer 16 hours of continuing education for the 2006 UPC and UMC.

Old Business

Without objection minutes were approved. Mr. Brent Hipsher, Building Inspector City of Milpitas, asked if anodeless service risers require additional protection over the epoxy coating. Most members present believe that site specific conditions would determine if additional protection is required. Mr. Tony Wilcockson clarified the distinction between flammable vapor ignition proof & flammable vapor ignition resistant water heaters.

New Business

Mr. Dennis O’Halloran of Southwood Plumbing & Heating inquired if Chemical Dispensing systems with built in “e-gap Eductor” are listed to be under continuous pressure. (Table 6-2 footnote 4 CPC). Mr. Dan McEvilly of State Code Compliance inquired if any jurisdictions were approving Viega Systems as an alternate method & material for the potable water system – none of the Chapter members present had approved it in that application. Mr. Bob Christman, Plumbing Inspector City & County of San Francisco, requested information for location of backflow devices for water services. He was directed to Title 17 of the CCR.

Break for Lunch


Mr. Mike Harrison, Senior Inspector of the County of Santa Clara, led the discussion commenting on the review of waterless urinals when considered as an Alternative Material. Background information was first provided on the US Green Building Council LEED Credit program for water conservation and grey water systems. Mike discussed code requirements for considering alternative methods. Section 301.2.2s require the alternate material or method to be equivalent to prescribed requirements in quality, strength, effectiveness, durability, and safety.. Chapter members present noted that correct use of waterless urinals depended upon human intervention, & expressed concerns about responsibility of ensuring a proper maintenance program and prevention of odors from entering the building Mike Harrison lso provided literature from the IAPMO Standards Council, fixture manufacturers, and the California Urban Water Conservation Council.




Raffle Prizes were distributed.


Mr. Peter Langes, of the Building Education Center Berkeley, announced the Sewer Smart Summit on May 17 2006. Contact Marcus Beverly at ABAG, 510-464-7969,

The next Chapter Meeting will be on April 20 2006 at the Waterfront Restaurant in Redwood City. Mr. Gene Sheffield will be speaking on backflow prevention.


Chairman Martin Cooper adjourned the meeting at 1:27pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Martin Cooper
Central California Chapter Chairman

Action Items for next Meeting

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