International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials


Thursday June 15, 2006


Call to Order

§         Called to order at 12:00pm on Thursday June 15, 2006 at Waterfront Restaurant in Redwood City, CA by David Ledda, Chapter Vice-Chairman of the Central California Chapter of IAPMO. David Ledda let the membership know that Marty Cooper Chapter Chairman was going to be a little late for the meeting.


§         There were 20 attendees. Chapter Officers present were Marty Cooper, Chapter Chairman, David Ledda, Vice Chairman, Sarah Aguilar, Treasury, and Nathan Vasquez, Secretary. Self-introductions followed by general networking by the attendees.


Old Business

§         Minutes for previous month were approved

§         Treasury Report given by Sarah Aguilar

§         Venting of Sumps and Ejectors- Mr. Bud Starmer of the City of Palo Alto and the chapter members present discussed this subject in length on how different jurisdictions are interpreting this section in the codebook and handling it out in the field.   The section (710.10) vent is to extend through the roof separately unless the AHJ approves otherwise beforehand. The combining of a sump or receiving tank vent with other vent pipes is not allowed unless a request is made to do so before the piping is run.  Furthermore the section also refers to the venting of the sump, which is based on the fixture unit values of the fixtures wasting INTO the sump, not the size of the drain, which is determined by the GPM discharge FROM the pump.

Committee Reports

§         none

New Business

§         Scott Denny of Frank Denny Plumbing inquired to each Jurisdiction’s plan check, permit, installation, and gas sizing requirements for Tankless Water Heaters. Geno Caccia of Caccia Plumbing asked about installation of furnaces & vent termination.



·         The delivery capacity of each tankless water heater shall be determined by the manufacturer's listing submitted at time of application.. TWH venting shall comply with the UMC venting requirements for Category III & IV appliances and for positive pressure venting.  A BTU line diagram is to be submitted to verify that existing house gas piping is adequately sized for the increased load. Combustion Air shall comply with current UPC (Section 507, Table 5.2) requirements.

·         The AHJ may approve of replacement furnaces with reduced clearances if the conditions of the listing are met.  Some Chapter members require manufacturers installation instructions submitted at time of application; others only require the instructions to be on site at time of inspection.

 Break for Lunch


§         Mr. Dwayne Cox of Allied Utility Products spoke on the requirements of PE Pipe FCOR, D2513 & THE 2001 CPC. Dwayne reviewed advantage of an anodeless riser,  the heat fusion method (butt, socket, or electrofusion)  and installation  by a mechanical coupling. Each joining procedure and each person making heat fusion joints must be qualified.  Chapter members received literature on SDR 11 PE, PE 2406, and PE 3408 manufactured according to ASTM D2513.  Tracer wire or other metallic elements installed for pipe locating purposes must be resistant to corrosion damage by use of coated copper wire. The Chapter would like to thank Allied Utility Products and Mr. Dwayne Cox for sponsoring our meeting.



§        The Chapter would like to thank IAPMO for the prizes.



§         The next meeting will be on July 20, 2006 at the Waterfront Restaurant in Redwood City, CA.  Program: Zurn Plumbing Products Group given by Mr. Tom Corsentino, on Radiant Systems and New .125 GPF Urinals.

§         August 17, 2006: Meeting will be at AB & I Foundry - space is limited please mark your calendars.




§         Chairman Marty Cooper adjourned the meeting at 1:40 PM