International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

July 21, 2005


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:15 PM on Thursday July 21, 2005 at Ricky’s Restaurant in San Leandro, CA. by John Wagner, Chairman, of the Central California Chapter of IAPMO


John Wagner, Chairman, welcomed the 12 members to the meeting and self-introductions followed general networking by the attendees. We have one new attendee, Kevin Moses, who will be joining the Chapter. Welcome Kevin and we hope to see you at the upcoming meetings.

Chapter Officers present were John Wagner, Marty Cooper, and Sarah Aguilar.

Old Business

The minutes from the meeting of June 16, 2005 were reviewed and accepted. About half the members present said they have viewed the website.

Bob Adler, Inspector, City of San Jose, gave a report of the Technical Committee in Denver on May 2-6, 2005. There is a proposed amendment to the 2003 code to put back some of the language that was taken out. The use of the extraction method from the NFPA 54 code has resulted in the elimination of certain plumbing and mechanical requirements. Some of the proposals were successful thereby clarifying and reinstating code requirements. Bob will have a more in depth report for the August meeting. The Report on comments (ROC) is available on the internet. Thank you, Bob, for representing the chapter.

John Wagner presented Dan McEvilly with a newly engraved plaque for Industry Person of the year for 2004. Unfortunately his name was misspelled on the plaque given him at the annual dinner. Congratulations again Dan on your award and thanks for all the work you’ve done throughout the years.

Committee Reports

The Chapter Secretary, Sarah Aguilar, reported that she is finished compiling a list of past Chairpersons of the CCCIAPMO. She passed out the list to the membership for any additions or corrections. The list was compiled with the help of Anne Sonner who works for the Chapter Headquarters of IAPMO. The names of the past chairpersons were obtained by going though past issues of the IAPMO Official Magazine. If you have any more information to add or delete from the list please contact Sarah Aguilar.

Marty Cooper announced that he is making arrangements to have the Installation Dinner at the Crystal Springs Golf Club on Jan. 28, 2006. He is at the preliminary stages but the date has been set so mark your calendars!

New Business

Barry Keech, Inspector of the City of San Jose, announced that the building division will be moving to its new location at City Hall the last weekend of July. Unfortunately all their phone numbers could not be transferred to the new offices so they have been reassigned. The new numbers can be obtained on the website. Their move coincides with the 1st annual Grand Prix in San Jose which will be held July 29th-30th. The preparations for the event called for some very creative plumbing facilities!

Break for Lunch


Marty Cooper has e-mailed to everyone an article about chemicals leaching into the water from PEX water piping systems. It doesn’t name specific brands but we all need to be aware of these problems.

There was no formal presentation but we had an open discussion about unusual and unlisted fixtures for the bathrooms and kitchen. Everyone is seeing this more and more in upscale homes and especially with the use of the internet for buying fixtures. The general agreement is that if the fixtures have some sort of listing and they meet the intent of the code then they will be allowed with the approval of the Administrative authority.

Dan McEvilly reported that there is a Marriot Hotel that is being built in Orange County with a Solvent system despite the fact that another Marriot is in litigation about the use of a failing solvent system. The Hotel in litigation had to completely replace the waste and vent with a conventional system.


The chapter would like to thank Nate Vasquez of Local 393 Pipe Trades Training Center, Dan Shea, and Ricky’s Restaurant for the raffle prizes.


Please bring a door prize for a raffle next month.

The 76th Annual Education and Business Conference is being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico this year Sept 25-29, 2005. Registration forms and information are available in the Official Magazine.

The next meeting will be at Waterfront Restaurant in Redwood City on August 16, 2005 with a presentation by Duane Cox of Allied Utility Products on underground gas piping installations.


Chairman John Wagner adjourned the meeting at 1:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted by:

Sarah Aguilar
Central California Chapter Secretary

Action Items for next Meeting

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